We join your business processes and close the missing design competencies. We act as a contractor for specific tasks and for the period you need.
Company names are hidden under the terms of the NDA
Design for digital channels of a bank from Top 5 Russian banks
How we integrated into the project:
What tasks do we perform:
Held a briefing
Discussed the process of phased approval of layouts
We work on sprints every week
We interact with an agile product development team
We coordinate creatives with internal customers
We create a design for showcases of internal and partner products in mobile applications and personal accounts
We develop layouts and graphic elements of interfaces. For example, special offers banners for different customer groups
Presentation and advertising materials for development company
How do we connect to the project:
What tasks do we perform:
Real Estate
Held a briefing with the lead designer and marketing team
Learned the tone of voice of visual communication
Connected to the client's Asana
We pick up current tasks from different departments
We coordinate layouts with responsible persons
We create: design of presentation materials for the sales office, advertising media for offline: brochures, posters, lightboxes and more, creatives for web and media communications
Layout of business documentation (annual reports, commercial offers, etc.)
Visual communication for entry into new markets of an international taxi aggregator
How we integrated into the project:
What tasks do we perform:
International startups
Held a briefing with the lead designer in English
Plunged into tone of voice of visual communication
Figured out the rules for creating layouts
We work on sprints every week
We receive tasks from different members of the international team
We support the current design
We adapt the design system to new markets
We create: layouts and graphic elements of interfaces, creatives for web and media communications, design layouts of landing pages
We brand offline media
Key Visuals and media for promotional event for marketing communications agency
How we got involved in the project:
What tasks did you complete:
Held a briefing with the creator
Plunged into the event strategy and marketing tasks
Studied the tone of voice of the visual communication of a particular brand
Coordinated the design concept and media layouts with the creator
Proposed several conceptual versions of Key Visual
Rendered the final concept in 3D
Branded POS materials: digital hubs, nekhangers, racks and more
Made creatives for web and media communications
Branded clothing for staff
When does a company need design support?
In this case, it is not necessary to train your team. Especially if the project is short-term or when the tasks are one-time. We have accumulated expertise and professionals of various profiles.
We need designers in different directions
In-house designers cannot complete all tasks under increased workload. We are able to work with large volumes of tasks in a short time.
Your own design department is really busy
In our studio, the art director manages the creative team, and all work processes are lined up. By delegating design work to us, you focus on strategic objectives and product development.
No resources to create a design department
We work with conceptual tasks: we adapt the corporate identity for a new product, advertising campaigns, other communication channels and entering new markets.
Development of the design system
How it works
We conclude a framework agreement and an NDA. We decide on the currency of calculation and the payment schedule. We practice postpay.
We help build communication or adjust to existing processes in your company.
Choosing the form of contract and payment
Determining how we will work
Polygraphic design
Design of advertising creatives
Key Visuals Design
Adaptation of corporate identity for new tasks
Social media design concepts
Media design for offline and online events
Graphics / banners for interfaces
Drawing author's illustrations
Average bill for design support USD 10,000
Minimum check USD 1,000
We approve the work plan
You guide us on the scope of tasks and budget within a quarter or a year. Based on this, we plan to work in the long term and allocate a team for the project.
We conduct a briefing — get to know each other and understand the task
Our goal is to formulate tasks, understand their scope, your budget and deadlines. And make sure we understand each other exactly.
Our article about design outsourcing
We conducted research and talked about it with experts from the Enterprise segment: brand managers, marketing communications managers, directors of marketing and sales departments, product owners, brand designers. If you are interested in how the work in this format works, read our material
Hiring design studios is a common practice among companies. Even when there are in-house designers.
How do you calculate the cost of the job?
Depending on the type of tasks, we agree on the payment format. We calculate conceptual tasks in working hours, and typical tasks at a fixed price.
Do you practice postpay?
Yes. We agree on the terms individually.
Can we get started without a contract?
The execution of the contract is often delayed, in such cases we start to work on the letter of guarantee.
Do you work with NDA?
Yes. If necessary, we will coordinate and sign the documents before the start of work.
Do you work in foreign currency?
Yes, we accept payments in different currencies.
Where are tasks recorded?
We use Google Sheets, where we fix the date of setting the task, TOR, deadline and its cost, the person in charge on your part. Each task has its own status — in progress, under approval, completed.

You can add tasks yourself. You can also send us tasks in free form, and we will independently enter the input into the table.
How are all work results stored?
We upload them to the cloud. We attach links to the final layouts in the corresponding line in the Google table, where the tasks are fixed.
How quickly do you complete tasks?
Streaming tasks are in ASAP mode. But we discuss the speed of response and implementation with each client separately.

If the client independently prescribes deadlines when setting a task, we estimate the load and agree on the final timing.
How many revision circles are included in the cost of the work?
We do not include edits in the starting price. We calculate them separately in working hours.
Areas of work, their content and prices — in our pricing policy
Calculate the cost of design support
Tell us about your task and we will prepare an estimate. If you want to get acquainted with the price or rates, indicate this in the application, we will attach them in a reply letter.
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