Our team has been working since 2017.
During this time, we have changed, decided on our key competence. and they found it.
Студия дизайна maryco специализируется на оформлении социальных сетей для крупного и среднего бизнеса

Постепенно наш опыт сложился в собственную методологию, по которой ведём все проекты. В рамках методологии мы помогаем адаптировать фирменные стили для использования в диджитале и разрабатываем диджитал-гайдлайны с нуля.
But that's not all, we also create:
For good results, it is important to build communication correctly
Design doesn't exist by itself. The product is always in the first place and the specific business task with which clients come to us. To implement the task, at the start we always ask ourselves: did the client and I hear each other well?
Design doesn’t exist by itself. The product is always in the first place and the specific business task with which clients come to us. To implement the task, at the start we always ask ourselves: did the client and I hear each other well?
I used to work as a designer and faced communication problems.
Now my task as an art director is to translate the client’s wishes into the design language, to explain what the result should be.
Veronika October
Art director of maryco studio
We have a distributed team, we select professionals throughout Russia. If an employee moves to another city or even a country, all work processes are saved.
Co-founder, CEO
Sonia Rakitina
Nika October
Co-founder, Art Director
Andrey Telminov
Creative designer
Seriozha Podkovyrkin
Lead designer
Kolia Mezin
Olia Alexandrova
Katyia Primak
Arisha Podgayskaia
Lena Komarova
Vadim Kornyushenko
Директор по маркетингу, CMO
Lena Babicheva
Communication manager
Dasha Prokofiev
Author and editor
Rosalia Karimova
We believe that there are very cool specialists in the regions. Often they tend to the capital, where there are more opportunities. But it is not easy for everyone to decide to move, and then they are looking for a way to realize themselves on the remote. In addition, now access to knowledge has become easier: you can learn from anywhere and be aware of global trends.
"Where are the coolest designers — in Moscow or the regions?"
Once we were asked:
Well-established business processes are not enough for a studio to be effective
Team spirit is important when everyone is united by a clear goal. Therefore, every week we hold team building sessions in the zoom, discuss successes and failures in work, share our hobbies, get to know each other better.
And learning. We invite experts to such meetings who give lectures on design.

We create a healthy work environment and do not shift unnecessary responsibility to designers. I am responsible for business processes, strategy and the search for development opportunities.
Although we clearly organize work processes, we do not have a division into a boss and a subordinate. We are for equality and free creative development, because it is easier for a team to grow professionally in a trusting atmosphere.
Sonia Rakitina
CEO of maryco studio
We work with Russian and international companies
We are approached by clients from China, Japan, the UK, Finland and other countries

Each market — in Russia, Europe and Asia — has a special professional ethics and business processes. We know how to build communication with foreign companies. Our second working language is English.
Our clients include companies from various fields
We gain diverse experience, broaden our horizons and develop competencies, understand trends and the market as a whole.
There are no borders for us
We are for responsibility before society and each other
Maryco does not work with the alcohol,
tobacco and gambling industries

We support projects that draw attention to social and environmental issues. Among our clients there are companies that produce eco-products and develop a culture of conscious consumption in Russia.
We also take care of the emotional health of everyone on the team. If one of us burns out, and this affects the quality of life and work, he has the right to take additional days off.
Our publications, speeches and news
Ура! Мы провели
open talk
в художественном училище имени
И. Д. Шадра
Кто вживую, а кто в зуме, мы собрались в Екатеринбурге, чтобы поговорить со студентами-будущими дизайнерами о профориентации. Рассказали им, что такое карьера дизайнера на практике, а не в теории.
На встрече дизайнеров мы послушали доклады от мэтров индустрии, завели новые знакомства и зарядились свежими идеями!
Команда maryco ездила на DESIGN PROSMOTR 2021
Our publications, speeches and news
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